Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Exchange Student in Shirokin

It's really great reading up your responses to my question. I have to admit that, like most of you, Wakamatsu is a bit of an unknown and little noticed character to me too. Pretty nice of Morimoto-sensei to give Wakamatsu a spotlight chapter.

But moving on, we are now going into a lengthy but very interesting story arc. The chapter starts off like it'll be another extra story focusing on the poor lost exchange student, but goes into the beginning of the story arc. I'll now shut up and let you read it for yourself. :D

So enjoy this week's release courtesy of our newfound translator micchan. Please thank her for being a great sport in translating some chapters for us.


Seems like we overlooked a teeny, tiny error in our most recent release (thanks for pointing it out, nate!). To make amends, here are the new links to Volume 10 Chapter 7:

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Or you can save yourself the trouble and download only the renegade page by clicking this link. ^^;

Site Update

There are some issues in bishounen land which we need to troubleshoot. Please ignore this diagnostic post. Thanks!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Oily-Faced Family Man

I really had fun reading your answers to the question! And everyone had good arguments! But in the end it's all wait and see for us fans on whether the Kyou x Fujiyama pairing will materialize (although I tend to agree with the comment that that pairing died a natural death with Fujiyama's last comment).

And I have to commend Rekka's post that last chapter had the most romantic scene in the history of snot. That was a truly inspired statement! :D

Anyway, we proceed to a new chapter this week. Since we had a spate of holidays last week, we decided to complete it while we had breathing room. This chapter centers on Wakamatsu and so does this week's question:

What were your impressions of Wakamatsu before reading this chapter?

Think about that as you read up on Wakamatsu's history.


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P.S. Kyou fans will love him even more in this chapter. I swear that guy is so hilarous. :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fujiyama x Kyou-san

Anyone ever thought of that pairing? What are your thoughts?
And after that question of the week, we now present you Chapter 5 of Volume 10.

This release almost didn't make it on time. Real life hasn't been agreeing with most of us with some of us putting in long hours lately. Realistically the workpace and studies won't be easing up anytime soon. But we'll try our best to hit our promised weekly release.

Again thank you sooo much for your love and support. I may sound like a broken record but really, I can't seem to stress that enough.

Enjoy the release!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mysterious Fried Breakfast

It's a strange title for a blogpost, but then again Fujiyama manages to come up with really weird songs. I mean, what's up with that 'Mingenhina' song from the Anime? (And durn it! I ended up humming that ridiculous tune for several days!) It'll be pretty interesting if they manage to do a Gokusen anime season two and we actually get to hear the song being sung in this chapter.

Anyway, enough with the side comments, here are the links for this week's Gokusen release.

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Enjoy everyone!

P.S. I didn't get to respond to the birthday greetings yet, so I will do so now. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I had a really wonderful birthday because of you guys. Your love, encouragement, support and patience really lifts us all up and makes us realize that we DIDN'T make a mistake in taking on this project. You guys make it all worthwhile. Plus receiving Love-Love presents from Shin and Shinohara makes turning a year older an event to look forward to.

So now a quick survey question: Whose Love-Love present would you like to receive? Shin's or Shinohara's. *sigh* I can empathize with Yankumi. It's hard to choose among them. Not that she actually realizes that two gorgeous guys are fighting over her. That is one dense gal.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate Part 2

But wait! There's more! To make this special day more special not just for us but for you guys as well, we're not only releasing Chapter 2, we're also releasing Chapter 3!! *lights fireworks* 

Volume 10 Chapter 3 Links:

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Don't you think two chapters are more than enough reasons to celebrate? We hope you enjoy!!!

Reasons to Celebrate

And for sure, we have quite a lot of them.

For one, winter is almost over, and spring's just right around the corner. And for people like me who's really weak when it comes to cold weather, this is good news indeed! I can't wait for the cherry blossoms!!! *squeals*

Next, we have to celebrate because it's Kumicho Myrya's birthday today! Without her, BiPuro wouldn't have become a scanlation group in the first place, so be sure to send her big waves of love and appreciation because she deserves it a lot!


We also have to celebrate because BiPuro is now backtracking to Volume 10 as we now release the long-awaited Chapter 2! *throws confetti* And I know how much this means to those who had to sit still and stop their forefingers from clicking those Volume 14 chapter links because the long wait is now over!

Thanks to Panners, who helped us with the translations of this chapter, and to Meatbun66 who gave us the raws for this volume!!!

Volume 10 Chapter 2 Links:

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