Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Conversation

A chapter to start your week right. Here we all find out what happened with the conversation and what Yankumi's next action will be. What's this I hear? There's a trip in the works? Read all about it by clicking on the links below:

1100 height format release: Via Megaupload Via Mediafire
1500 height format release: Via Megaupload Via Mediafire

Or download the releases from NULL's servers: NULL Gokusen Project Page

Just a couple of project notices:

1. We plan to re-release improved versions of the first 8 chapters of Gokusen Volume 14 so do watch out for that.

2. We'll be releasing an Usami Maki oneshot in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to that one. That mangaka has a deft touch when it comes to short but really memorable stories.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


d1r31 said...

BP/Null -- You are amazing!!!

(Now where can I buy a train ticket)?!?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you guys!Thanks so much for the Gokusen HIGH I get when I see the new scanlations!

raenef said...

Sweet, another chapter of Gokusen so soon. Thank you for all your hard work, BP and Null.

BoP said...

Thank you very much for the fabulous release you two,N-BP.

Kai said...

Wah, thanks ;_;
Man, her students are horrible XDDD "Heey, it's becoming more interesting~! Let's go to Hokkaido!" Jeez... XD

Looking forward to next chapter. And the remakes X3

Anonymous said...

Hm, maybe you're getting too accustomed to this pace... Shall we take a break for another two months? ;)


kk said...

I just finished reading 3 chapter all at once and now you release another chapter?!<3..And I love Usami Maki, I'll be looking forward to that!

Saareka said...

Nice ! Let's go to Hokkaido !


THX guys !

ele said...

Awesome. You really are life savers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Shin will do anything bold in Hokkaido ^.^