Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Walk with Pochi-kun

Gokusen Volume 14 Chapter 4 release. Yay!

Not much Shin in the last chapter right? Well, this chapter more than makes up for that.

Just a quick project status before I give the links:

- We will be taking a one week hiatus so our next release will be two weeks from now. Still continuing with volume 14.

- We started scanning this weekend. Still tweaking the scan settings to get the best quality, but once done we'll get down to some serious scanlating. So look forward to our Volume 10 releases.

- Panners has been an angel for doing some translations for us. Everyone, please send her a shout out and thank her for her help in moving this project along.

Thank you once again to all the Gokusen Fans out there, especially those who left their comments. You make all the hours we spent on this project really worthwhile. It's such a thrill to know there are a lot of us out there.

Enjoy the chapter!

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P.S. If you wish to send us a private mail, send it to this address: bipuro@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As promised...

... here's the newest chapter from Gokusen Volume 14.

This chapter begins an interesting arc in the volume. Lots of Shin x Yankumi interaction with a very intriguing conversation between Shin and Shinohara. Definitely something to look forward to.

And another thing to look forward to is that we've moved up the release date of the succeeding chapter to next week. So watch out for that.

THANK YOUs go out to:
... Meatbunn for the mangas which arrived last week. We'll begin scanning those.
... Panners who offered her translations.
... Julia for taking up the task of doing the update releases for us.
... and of course to Everyone for their support and wonderful words of encouragement. If you have other suggestions or if you spot any errors, please feel free to let us know. We appreciate your comments. I've made commenting easier now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, if you plan on using our links or distributing our files, feel free to do so. Just inform us of your plan beforehand. And, as a common courtesy, please don't take out the credits page.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Regular as clockwork...

Here we are with another release for Gokusen. This time around it’s Chapter 2 of Volume 14. We’ve decided to finish Volume 14 first before backtracking to Volume 10 as it’ll take us awhile to scan and to fix the raws for that. A Great Big THANK YOU goes out to meatbun66 who so generously provided (and shipped!) the physical mangas we’ll be using for our releases.

Just to temper expectations, we will be doing a bi-weekly chapter release from now on but we assure you that we’ll be regular as clockwork when it comes to our releases. We’ll see what we can do to speed things up but for now that’ll be schedule of releases.

About the website, we are still working out the hosting plan and other admin details but we definitely want to spruce up this ordinary blog post into a visual mecca for bishounen lovers. So do keep on checking back for further updates.

Did I forget anything else? Oh yeah… the links. :D

Here they are…

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Comments are, once again, highly anticipated and appreciated.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Secret's Out

At the turn of each new year, we go through a process of taking out the old and bringing in the new and this year bishounen project has proudly evolved into something new:

Bishounen Project is now a scanlation group! And we've taken on scanlation of Gokusen.

We'll start slowly and just focus on that one project for the meantime. We'll also begin recreating the site and put up all those sections you love. So expect the complete resurrection of the Bishounen Project site in the coming weeks.

But for now enjoy this New Year release: Volume 14 Chapter 1

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Just a quick note on the release: We started with Volume 14 because the volume 10-13 raws weren't up to par but meatbun66 will soon be providing us with better scans for those volumes so expect us to suddenly drop Volume 14 and back track to Volume 10. But drop us a note if you want us to complete volume 14 first before backtracking to volume 10. We appreciate your inputs.

If you are taking the scans, make sure to post us a note. Any comment will be well received.

Again, Happy New Year Everyone!