Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gokuken Release

We are taking a break from scanlating Gokusen to bring you... GOKUKEN!!!


This is actually Extra 1 at the end of Volume 10 and the extra chapters are really read as GOKUKEN, or yakuza dog. You'll soon find out why once you click on the links below:

Via Mediafire
Via Megaupload

Translation credits for this release goes mostly to our contributing translator Halima-san so everyone thank her for a job well done!

Just a brief note on the poll. Shin wins hands down but I am happy to see that Shinohara garnered a respectable amount of votes at the end. Thank you every one for participating! It was also really great to read up on your reasons for the votes you cast. But can anyone answer this : where did the missing 1% go? :D


P.S. Extra Two will be released in a couple of days. April hasn't been a good month for most of us but hopefully May will be better. I see also that a lot of people are busy with studies and work so I hope it also goes better for you in May!


Anonymous said...

this is such a funny special chapter. =D

thanks and well done to all of you, guys!

sooo looking forward for the 2nd special chapter. =]

dementedchris said...

I was part of that one percent... I got scared by all the Shin fans. T.T


DJ Mixerr said...

Thanks for the 1st extra special chapter!! I'll be reading all your other scans too. Can't wait 'til 2nd extra spacial chapter.



lintakwah said...

Goofy fun and lots of Shin. What's not to like in an extra? As ever, thanks. Your hard work is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I really can't stand the chapters with the dog in them. I don't know why... they've never amused me. :[ Thanks for scanlating though! I really appreciate it.

kaoko said...

Hehe, I thought I was the only one who hated Fuji. I so hated seeing him in the anime and was grateful we were spared of him in the dorama.

I have to admit though, I found this extra amusing to read, even if it was a paaaaaain to edit.

DJ Mixerr said...



Rekka said...

These Gokuken chapters are so random, they're almost funny. Though I do feel kinda guilty when I snicker at the shreds of Shin's dignity waving in the breeze. Why does he keep talking to that creepy mutt? It's a mystery to me. (I vote we blame Fuji for the poll's missing 1%.) Even after saying all that, though, I still find myself looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks so much! :D