Monday, April 21, 2008

Shin Goes to the Dogs

This is such a funny chapter. I shall leave my comments at that eventhough I want to go on and on about a certain imaginary sequence. :D


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Rekka said...

I think I laughed harder than I should have at this chapter. Congratulations on finishing Volume 10! Only 5 volumes to go!

Anonymous said...

Nice one..thanks for this 2nd extra chapter.

love ya guys!! je'taime. hehe =]

Anonymous said...

hahaha that made my day

but if only he'd do that man !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for scanlating Gokusen.

I love Uchi's face when Shin said Je t'aime xD

I'm so in love with younger boys. *lol* (my boyfriend's 5 years younger than I)

tepiestar said...

chapter!! thanks yo!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you enough how much I love you all at BP!!!!! Thank you my dear friends!

DJ Mixerr said...

Congratulations on finishing Volume 10! Only 4 volumes to go!

lintakwah said...

I also think I laughed harder than I should have. "Je t'aime" indeed!

なし said...

HAHAH this is the best extra ever xD
I love:
Thank you!

p.s. does anyone know where I can find chapter 1 of volume 10??

Lii said...

*lmao* I am still laughing and now my tummy hurts *lmao*

Thank you for both extras :) I somehow missed the first one *scratches head* I guess it was because I was too busy *sighs*

Hope life in May is going to be easier for all of us *thumbs up* :P

Anonymous said...


wow this extra
was so funny

i really like it

i have a cuestion
when you upload the
volume 11?

i been looking for
but i don't find it

well, congratulations


Anonymous said...


v10c1 can be found here

Anonymous said...

I'd so like to see Shin sniffing at Yankumi XXXXXD

myrya said...


*starts rolling with laughter*

dementedchris said...

To the anonymous poster in love with younger men--

YAY! ^_^ *waves pompoms*


(Me too. But don't tell anyone I said that.)

なし said...

@ anonymous:
Thank you!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Both downloadable files for Gokusen Vol 10 Extra 02 are corrupt & cannot be unzipped.