Saturday, June 7, 2008


No folks. You aren't imagining things. We have a new release for you. :D

Here is the unbelievable conclusion to the Abe Test. You'll soon know what's the significance of the title of the post. And nope. It isn't because Shin comes riding to Yankumi's rescue astride a white stallion. Which is a shame really.

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As always, you can also download the releases from NULL's servers:

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Just a brief cultural note from Nagi regarding Yankumi's song: The "Samurai Spirit" is composed of Giri (morals/obligations) and Ninjou (human feelings/empathy). This ideology dates back to the Kamakura period (the beginning of the shogunate in 1192). Although the Japanese at present still have the "Samurai Spirit", it is said that only the yakuza actually live by it.


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lintakwah said...

Wow, that final test was really perverse! It is a brilliant way to ensure secrecy, though. Plus, Kumiko and karaoke - what a combination.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love yooou! <3

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Never thought the day would come when Gokusen releases would arrive in 5 days! Awesome, guys.Totally awesome!

On to the chapter,
SOAPLAND??? And no Kyo san?
OMG *shocku*

The Ten Level Sake Drinking Challenge was a hoot. And I agree, it might be perverse but an ingenious way of keeping the test a secret. After all, a man's dignity is at stake here.

One question though. Why did Yankumi get 0 on karaoke? Was it her song or the voice?
I'm guessing the latter. :p

Thank you again.

d1r31 said...

I was worrying that Yankumi might actually win the position, and then have some quick explaining to do -- or Shin being dogged by Abe even though he doesn't look like the "guy" who went through the interview process... (Yeah, the hair would give it away).

But I never guessed that Soapland would come into play! Way to go Kubo, you dog -- er, stallion! did not think he had it in him.

@ durach --too funny. You are absolutely right that Kyo san should have had a cameo or something.

Lolo said...

Thanks for this! Read it as soon as I got the email! ^^ In the first volume Yankumi sings badly about blood brothers and she still sings badly! Love the consistency, hehe! ^^

Anonymous said...

@d1r31: lol. No, seriously. I was half expecting Kyo san to be wedged between two scantily dressed women. :D I still remember when he took the Red Lion to Soapland for 'tutoring'. One of my favorite parts from the manga.

kaoko said...

@durach and d1r31
If he can't be in the chapter since that would give Kumiko away, I'd put a big poster with Kyo-san's pic on it, with a big heading on top saying, "Best Customer" as a cameo *laughs*

kk said...

Thank you guys..just 5 days..Wow..You're getting faster and better everytime!About the chapter the final test was brilliant! fun..Btw, you guys are going to transalte also the special chapter, right?I hope so, 'cause it looks to much fun..But great work, as usual!!

tepiestar said...

stallion!!! haha. thanks for the chapter early!! what an easy way to get people to not reveal what the test is. hehe.

d1r31 said...

Is going to a karaoke bar really that common & popular in Japan? (forgive my ignorance of other customs & cultures).

Sometimes I don't quite know what is just standard as a mechanism to move a plot line along & what has basis in truth. (Okay, I assume they really don't get nosebleeds quite so easily over H thoughts...)

DJ Mixerr said...

Looks like Kubo is #1 this time.
Thank You. I loved it.

**Maybe Vol. 12 and Vol. 13 will be easier to translate because they shorter than all the other Gokusen manga books.**
Although I could be wrong,. But you never now.

Good Job!!!!!

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professional dreamer nagi said...


yup... going to the karaoke bar is really popular in japan. i personally love going to karaoke bars, especially during happy hours because it's cheap and it comes with a drink-all-you-can spree (drink-all-you-can alcoholic drinks are more expensive, though :D)

Van Anh said...

I love how morimoto sensei always come up with weird ideas
Thank you all for fast releases.

myrya said...

@durach and KK

Wow! You actually counted the number of days between releases. Amazing! :D


We do plan to translate that special chapter although I believe there is already a scanlated version floating around at the shinkumi LJ community in case you are interested. :D

@dj mixerr

Well I wouldn't say volume 12 and 13 will be easier to translate (Gokusen is really not an easy manga to translate because it doesn't have those nifty readings beside the kanji which would help things). But what I can say is that volume 12 will be VERY interesting to translate. :D We are all looking forward to it. :D

dj mixerr said...

So am I.
I like how Morimoto-sensei has weird things in Gokuken. 0000000 OOOOOOOO

myrya said...

@dj mixerr

The Gokuken for vol 11 is a riot. Fuji really knows how to pull Shin's strings. That's all the hint I'll give on that. hahaha...

crazigrl said...

Thank you so much for all the releases! you guys are so freaking awesome!!

Eleanor said...

OMG you guys are my HEROES! it took me AGES to realise that people were carrying on the translations!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D kudos by the truckload for you :D