Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Rabu Letter for Shin

Who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? We certainly don't! And to prove that, we have a new chapter to welcome the weekend with:

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Or you can download the releases from NULL's servers:
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I would LOVE to send a rabu letter to Shin too! I'll probably say I love him, but that I'd like it more if he were to be with Yankumi. I'll end it with a Gambare! to cheer him on as he struggles to get his feelings across to his dense-sensei.

How about you? What would your rabu letter contain and who would you address it to in the Gokusen world?

As you think on that, please enjoy this release.

P.S. See Shin's reaction to Yankumi taking his name in vain. :D


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing ^______^ ....interesting last page xD

Anonymous said...


Kai said...

lol gotta love shin... XD

Anonymous said...

Kawata reminded me of Masumi chan from Nodame Cantabile. Or should I rather say, his afro did. ^_^;

Sigh. Just when I was softening to Miura, he goes and does something so low. Though I have a strange feeling that he might not be the culprit this time.

Can't wait to see her class's reactions. :D

Haha, as cliche as it might be, I'd write a rabu letter to Shin too, telling him how dorky and adorable his devotion to Yankumi is. Though I'd prefer meeting him in person, yelling ganbare to him and running away. He'd probably say 'Baka' and shake his head in annoyance. :P

But really, somebody needs to write a letter to Yankumi on Shin's behalf. When is she going to realize his intense, unrequited rabu rabu for her? Talk about dense.

Haha. And LOL@Minami. "Let's go before their stupidity rubs off".


Thank you, NULL AND BP. Appreciated as always.

kk said...

I completely quote durach..The guy looked really like Masumi-chan and Yankumi really don't understand those kind of things!!
But really, as always, thanks for the great and even faster job, since you also release a Shimaki oneshot-finally finished the damn volume thanks to your hard work!
Happy to ear you're going to scan also the special ^^..Thanks guys ^^..

Lolo said...

Thanks a lot! Ugh, hate Miura. -_-

lintakwah said...

Ha! I'd actually forgotten Miura was still around. I also feel there's a mystery lurking behind that poster. Much as I enjoyed the Abe test, it's great to have Shin around again. Thanks as always!

d1r31 said...

Dearest Shin,

You are sooooo cooool! And soooo pretty! In a manly way, of course. I'm sure that when you grow up you will be a fine man. (Only a very dense woman would be blind to your charms). I will continue to watch you from afar! My unrequited love will continue to burn for you, and you alone!

P.S. Watch out for Miura-sensei. I think he might be a little too interested in you, if you get what I mean.

DJ Mixerr said...

I like where this is going!!!!! Keep talking!!!! Tell me more!!!!!

((See Vol. 9))

raenef said...

Thank you for all your hardwork with the releases. I enjoyed it immensely.

kaoko said...

Dear Shin,

You. Me. Room. Now.


DJ Mixerr said...

Omatashimasu!!! Tehe………… XD
Yankumi n0!!

Mika-chan said...

If I could leave a love letter to anyone. It'd probably be Noda or Minami, or both. Haha. Hey, they are awesome characters too. And the chapters where they fought the black cross made them super hot! O_O *nose bleed* Besides, the others need love too! *glomps Noda and Minami* I love the series, and I can't wait to see more, keep up the good work guys.