Thursday, January 29, 2009

Money Matters

As promised, here are the re-releases of the first few chapters of Volume 14. This took longer than anticipated but hopefully the next few chapters will come out faster. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
1100 height format release: Via Megaupload Via Mediafire
1500 height format release: Via Megaupload Via Mediafire

Chapter 2
1100 height format release:
Via Megaupload Via Mediafire
1500 height format release:
Via Megaupload Via Mediafire

Or download the releases from NULL's servers: NULL Gokusen Project Page.


tepiestar said...

thanks for the rerelease!! :D

Kai said...


kothithelegu said...

Thanks for the releases! Love gokusen in any form!

blutigertod said...

Arigatou gozaimashita! -goes off to read-

white_moon_ said...

Yay! More Gokusen! Thank you!!!

Fabler said...

Thanks a bunch for the releases! Can't wait to read 'em!

Dragon said...

Thank you for the release!

xperfect-lines said...


grail said...

thank you so much !! really appreciate it !

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask you if maybe you could translate/edit the manga
Don’t be deceived by any introductions. At first I myself didn’t think much of it but when I read a bit I was totally into it !!
Its really a great manga. if you read a few chapters you will be into it in no time. Please give it a try !
Its already scanlated up to volume 6 but the manga goes till 22 and on.
There are people at manga fox forums (reirenshin, RalGrado13) who have the raws but need help in translating and editing. PLEASE !! I beg of you give it a try and read it first !!
It would be great if you could help.

Have a good day and Thank you very much in advance !

myrya said...

hello anonymous,

It would be nice if you would introduce yourself. Anyway, I have heard of that series and plan to read it. Unfortunately we are right now struggling to find time to do our planned projects that it might take awhile to get around to looking for new projects to work on. But you might be interested to know that it is licensed by viz media and they have up to volume 12out already. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

why isn't it going any further??
i really love this manga and want to read the last chapters, too...
do you know where i can find it, or are you going to post the last chapters, too??
i really would like to read them...
if you have time, please realease the last chapters, ok?
i know it must be hard to work out so many good mangas, but please!!!
it is a very good story and it is fun to read it...
please, i beg of you!!!
and it is great work you did with your releases, please do your best in future!!!
i'm still a fan of you!!
and a big "THANK YOU"

ps: sorry for my use of language, i'm from german... and i don't know how to use it well ^^
i hope you understand...