Monday, March 24, 2008

The Oily-Faced Family Man

I really had fun reading your answers to the question! And everyone had good arguments! But in the end it's all wait and see for us fans on whether the Kyou x Fujiyama pairing will materialize (although I tend to agree with the comment that that pairing died a natural death with Fujiyama's last comment).

And I have to commend Rekka's post that last chapter had the most romantic scene in the history of snot. That was a truly inspired statement! :D

Anyway, we proceed to a new chapter this week. Since we had a spate of holidays last week, we decided to complete it while we had breathing room. This chapter centers on Wakamatsu and so does this week's question:

What were your impressions of Wakamatsu before reading this chapter?

Think about that as you read up on Wakamatsu's history.


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P.S. Kyou fans will love him even more in this chapter. I swear that guy is so hilarous. :D


Louisa said...

THAT'S FAST or maybe I just happened to be here when you guys update! ;)

I haven't read the past few chapters so I can't provide any substantial answers as of now....

but from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for scanlating Gokusen. =D

kaoko said...

I have to agree with Rekka's comment (can't believe I missed it!), that scene was the most romantic snot moment ever.

Sawada Shin, I love you! And I have no hankies either. ^_^

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I never pictured Waku as a pervert or womanizer. He always seemed like the "quiet/to himself" kind of guy!

Thanks again BP! That was a hilarious chapter!

mint said...

haha kyou really is so open-minded xD thanks for a great chapter! ^-^I love this scanlation group the most! ^v^

tepiestar said...

thanks for the file!!! there were a lot of japanese words in this file. i do like learning various common phrases. however, perhaps there were too many t/n for just one file? or it could just be that kind of a file. ok. i dunno, just something to think about.

lintakwah said...

Thanks again. I always thought of Wakamatsu like Tetsu 20 years later.

Rekka said...

As always, thank you for the release!

I suspect Wakamatsu gets ignored a lot because he's not pretty/eligible. (I plead guilty to not having given him much thought.) After all, he's had to wait 10 volumes to get one chapter. Poor guy. Someone should dedicate a fansite to him.

(On a completely different note, I just discovered Shin has no hanky because Miura stole it back in Volume 8. In case that was of vital importance to anyone.)

Lii said...

Thank you for new chapter :) Keep it up...

*Scratches head* Who is Wakamatsu? That was my first thought. I tried to remember tho nothing. I almost wanted to reread previous volumes then decided just to give a try to new chapter *lol*. I was shocked... I never thought that guy who is almost always in *shadow* was married and for 17 years already and she was beautiful even... this was really much revealing chapter :)

naie said...

thank you for the chapter! :D

DJ Mixerr said...

I thought up of what Wakamatsu may be like Tetsu 20 years later. ^__^0))8

I can't wait for Ch. 7 of Vol. 10 in Gokusen ; Richard Appears Again (Vol. 10 Ch.7)
*BP, you rock!!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your wonderful translations! ^^
actually, wakamatsu for me always looked so normal and ordinary.. ^^ maybe because kyou-san usually was near him ^^"

d1r31 said...

I always thought Waka was just a seasoned thug, quiet in a threatening way. I didn't really think of him as perverted or anything, though. (Maybe a a killer, but not perverted). Seeing him fall love in an instant- that's great!

Thank you for the chapter!

R said...

After reading the other comments, I don't feel so guilty for not recognizing Wakamatsu by name.:)

Thank you once again for providing another fantastic chapter!!! I live in hope that the Gokusen 3 drama airing this summer FINALLY ends how it should...with Shin x Yankumi.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,thank you, thank you for the chapters of Gokusen in english!! You guys rule! This useless leecher is very greatful.

kaoko said...


Hmmm, I guess it's a matter of personal preference? One of the reasons I prefer buying Del Rey over other publishers is because they try to stick to the original and just stick translation notes at the end. I like reading these translation notes because the culture fascinates me.

I understand why you may consider it confusing because it does add a lot of text to the page, but I guess you can opt to skip it? Besides, I think there really was just a lot of stuff in this particular chapter which we didn't want to leave unexplained. I hope it didn't turn you off too much. ^_^;;

Sigh, I want to see a Yankumi x Shin ending for the drama too, but I feel like they really just pushed it out of the way in favor of future seasons. How I wish there could be a special that settles the Yankumi x Shin angle in the drama. Especially since I love Matsumoto Jun, heeheehee.

Anonymous said...

Um, since I know so little about the culture & references, I would miss out on a lot of the meaning if the translator's notes were missing. And since I like instant gratification, I want the info right there where it comes up in the story. (Almost too lazy to read it at the end & then have to page back to where it occurred).

Belated than you to rekka for the hanky trivia! Now that is a truly devoted fan. I wish I had remembered that detail about the hanky.

Theresa said...

thanks for the file!!! there were a lot of japanese words in this file. i do like learning various common phrases. however, perhaps there were too many t/n for just one file? or it could just be that kind of a file. ok. i dunno, just something to think about.