Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mysterious Fried Breakfast

It's a strange title for a blogpost, but then again Fujiyama manages to come up with really weird songs. I mean, what's up with that 'Mingenhina' song from the Anime? (And durn it! I ended up humming that ridiculous tune for several days!) It'll be pretty interesting if they manage to do a Gokusen anime season two and we actually get to hear the song being sung in this chapter.

Anyway, enough with the side comments, here are the links for this week's Gokusen release.

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Enjoy everyone!

P.S. I didn't get to respond to the birthday greetings yet, so I will do so now. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I had a really wonderful birthday because of you guys. Your love, encouragement, support and patience really lifts us all up and makes us realize that we DIDN'T make a mistake in taking on this project. You guys make it all worthwhile. Plus receiving Love-Love presents from Shin and Shinohara makes turning a year older an event to look forward to.

So now a quick survey question: Whose Love-Love present would you like to receive? Shin's or Shinohara's. *sigh* I can empathize with Yankumi. It's hard to choose among them. Not that she actually realizes that two gorgeous guys are fighting over her. That is one dense gal.


Anonymous said...

Your scans are super awesome! <3

Chechu's Channel said...

OMG!! Thank U, thank U!!! You´re amazing, people! ^^

lintakwah said...

As always, thanks for the new chapter! Funny, funny, funny.

tepiestar said...

thanks for the chapter!! ...i like shin better. i'd like a love-love pressie from shin over shinohara. not that i'd turn down shinohara. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you THANK YOU!
If I had to pick a Love love present. It would have to be Shin no matter what! Or if not, (And Yankumi finally takes Shin) maybe Kyo. I like tough guys ;D

Because it has become very apparent that Shinohara cannot fight lol!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again my dear friends at BP!

Oh, I will take both love-love presents. I do not mind being sandwiched between 2 hot guys! I love the color pic of Shin/Shinohara (one of my favorite scenes in the manga)!!!

Di said...

Keep the releases coming~~ XD

unwinding. said...


thank you once again!!!

you know, this isn't really answering the love-love gift thing.
but i think that shin is perfect for yankumi.

she actually acts as herself around shin; shinohara isn't right for her.
shin right now though i think is a bit too young though, so give him like what? 2,3,4 [not 100] more years, and then he can take her on!
she needs someone who is stronger than her, and shin right now as he is, isn't at the point yet, but haha, he will be soon enough!

enough of my rant, but once again,
thank you!!
i really love gokusen so much.
so that makes me love what you're doing even more.

Anonymous said...

Your scans are so awesome. :D Thank you for the wonderful day. :) We're very happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday. :>

Anonymous said...

thank you so much once again for your great work and dedication to this manga !!!

Lii said...

Thank you for new chapter, it was worth waiting *hugs*
I had problems with choosing :( Shin is too young for me and Shinohara is too old... tho putting that aside I would take Shin's love love present. He is just cooler and crazier... Shinohara is too stiff.. he will think all over more than once and won't act on impulse and he is never around when he is needed.

Van Anh said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

yay!!! thank you!!! <3
I wouldn't be able to choose xD I don't think there's a need for that, they both offered, than you should take from both:D
I kinda want some fried food though..

Anonymous said...


d1r31 said...

I can't believe that I was too busy with work & what- not to visit -- hence I am only just now getting a chance to enjoy this release. Thank you so much for the new chapter!!! My cooking skills are not up to par, so I, too, have had to suffer through some mysterious fried breakfasts from time to time.

Anonymous said...

waaaahhh i love you guys for your hard work!!!!!
thank you a million times!!!! ありがとうございます!!!

dementedchris said...

Thanks again, everyone!

It seems like I'm in the minority -- I'm a Shinohara fangirl! T.T I know that Shin and Yankumi are awesome together, but I'm still cheering Shinohara on! ^^;

(But don't worry, everyone else on BP -- or Bipuro, as we call ourselves -- roots for Shin XP)

Anonymous said...

Bi-Shounen Project scans ARE super awesome!
It's dope & funky. ありがとうございます!!!

~ DJ Mixerr

Tsuku-chan said...

I've just found out that you are goin' on with the scans of Gokusen! *_*
Thank you very much!! I love it! <3
You did a very good work! *_*
Thank you sooooo muchhhhh! XD

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the scanlations!
Recently got hooked on the manga :)
I hope you guys will also have the translations for the gokusen 2008 special, but really, THANKS!

Anonymous said...

been getting chapters for a wee while now, but haven't really taken the time to comment so, here ya go =)

keep it up you guys !