Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hotties in Specs

It's been awhile since we've had any updates and I know some of you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, so here's some medicine to help you recover:

1100 height format release: [usual BiPuro format]

Via Megaupload
Via Mediafire

1500 height format release: [usual NULL format]

Via Megaupload
Via Mediafire

* Basic difference in the formats is the size they'll appear on the screen and the file size itself. Screen resolution is the same.

Alternatively you can download the releases from NULL's servers:

NULL Gokusen Project Page

Then lest I spoil anyone, I'll do my detailed raves about the chapter in the comments section. Ah... but this is a crazy fun release, take a hint from the title. :D

This marks the beginning of our joint releases with NULL. Future looks bright in the Gokusen fandom. :D


Anonymous said...

Yay! First! And my withdrawal symptoms can be cured finally. *cough*
Thanks for the hard work, BP AND NULL. Hopefully, the collab lessens the burden on you guys .

*thumbs up*

*hurries off to read*

Anonymous said...

This chapter.... lol.

I was trying to pick a favorite moment from this... whether it be Yankumi entering Shin's apartment or sending her yakuza contacts to tutor him or the joint learning session between Shin and Shinohara sensei but... the ending was the best.

'Top three names I don't want to be mine...'


And who said specs make a person look dorky? Not on Shin, yo, not on Shin.

But I think its really nice of Kumiko to set up the plan to make Shin study. The boy is always distracted around her and it'd be really a waste to let his talents go to waste. Ah, Kumiko really cares for her beloved student. :)

Lily said...

Thanks a lot for this chapter, it was really really funny :)

Anonymous said...

Thaaaanks, you're the best!! >w<

mint said...

Haha this one was great xDD I hope this wasn't "studying with all they got".. xD Since I'm studying History myself, the end of this chapter really looks familiar xD They should look into the Middle Ages, the best names are hiding there xD

thanks so much!!!!!! <3

lintakwah said...

That was really hilarious. This story arc continues to be one of the best yet.

tepiestar said...

new file!! & new arc. yankumi doesn't know how to stop does she. hehe. i think it's safe to assume that sawada (i'd say shin, but with shinohara there too, i'd say that's confusing) gets tops marks for shirokin. but after what, almost 3 years of not studying, how can you get top scores? although, i suppose my biggest complaint about the SATs/ACTs was that i hadn't studied that material in years. and yes, i was too lazy to actually study. shin does look hot with specs. shinohara not quite as much, but still hottness. that is so unfair. yankumi's tutors were funny. if i had tutors like that i'd have fun studying, although i probably wouldn't pass.

oh, and for the 1100 vs 1500 res, i can't decide which one i like. i usually fit to my screen, so i only look at the original size if i can't read it or see something more clearly. and yay!! for the collaboration between null & bp. maybe stuff will come out faster if you're alternating chapters. thank you!! will you continue to release in both formats? or choose the more popular size? seems a waste of space or bandwith, but it's such a small file, it's not actually true. and i don't think it's more work, since it's just size format.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awsome o.o

I prayed that maybe today a new chap would be out and you know what? It was!!!
I don't know what I'd do without new Gokusen Chapters So my thanks go to both of you BP and Null thanks thanks thank ><

I'd love to have a tutor like Shinohara, bet my history marks would be far better than there were back then XD And it would be so much fun >< But the english tutor scrared the hell out of me O.O

Did I thanked you already for your hard work? I can't thank you enough I'm so grateful ;_;
May you live forever!!!

lynnie said...

Congrats on your first collaboration! Thank you for the effort from both teams. You guys are great!

Chacha-chan said...

Thanks a bunch, u hard working lovely lovely people!! Quintillion of soppy kisses and bear hugs from me XD ...Gokusen Bansai! Bansai!! Bansai!!!

raenef said...

Thanks for another wonderful chapter of Gokusen. I'm glad the doing a joint with Null is a success (and hope it keeps it that way). Thank you both (scanlating teams) for all your hard work and always looking forward to the next chapter release.

Di said...

You know how much I love you guys right? ;__;

d1r31 said...

my favorite moment is when Yankumi tells Shin that she has a good plan... and his gut reaction is to tell her that she doesn't need to do anything. I think his faith in her plans has been somewhat shaken!

loved seeing the guys hanging out together. What could be better than scenes with Shin? Scenes with Shin & Shinohara sensei. now if they could only get the hottie from the other school into the study session, too...

Rekka said...

For some reason, I never pictured Shinohara as a slacker, and yet somehow he and Shin manage to look so serious while getting absolutely nothing done. My only question is: Should you be checking your student's apartment for porn if you want his help? Another hilarious chapter; I can't wait to see what happens next.

I'm also liking the idea of alternating chapters. Half the workload for you guys, and twice the benefit for us ungrateful leeches. (Okay, so some of us are really, really grateful leeches. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome.)

Van Anh said...

arigatou ne ^^