Monday, June 23, 2008

Gender Issues...

The arc that started with a love letter, turned into a serious (?) one dealing with the topic of sexual orientation. Too bad there is no Shin *sobs*.

Chapter 09
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1500 height format release:
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Chapter 10
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Or you can download the releases from NULL's servers: NULL Gokusen Project Page

And nope. I still CANNOT like Miura. I like Kaw(m)ata though not to the same degree as I love Masumi-chan of Nodame. (Shout out to Durach for pointing that out.)


kk said...

First one? No way!!Ok, thanks as always guys..Just when I was wondering what happened, you came out with a double release^^...Now I got to download and read the chapters..
It seems about a serious issue?Uhm...

raenef said...

Thank you for all your hard work with the releases.

Molenir said...

Thanks for more Gokusen. Always something I look forward to. Definitely looking forward to reading these new chapters. Please keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Gyabo~ thanks for the shout out!

True. Masumi chan >> Kawata. Since both are josei, I wouldn't be surprised if Morimoto sensei reads Nodame Cantabile. Um, so possible Chiaki = Shin? That's a thought I never had before. They both tend to roll their eyes when their female counterparts are upto no good. But then again, Shin is too handsome and Demon Chiaki is, well, more into DV. :p

Sorry for trailing off there. :D Coming to the double release, while reading chapter 9, I was pretty surprised that the principal hasn't been around lately. Or has he? I tend to ignore him when he does show up. -_-; Miura gets reprimanded by the head teacher, who started out as a discreet addition to the manga, right?
And lol, he thinks both Fujiyama and Yankumi are weirdos. Rightfully so.

I'm glad to see that the attitude of the staff at Shirokin has changed from the start of the series. Even though they still bark at their students from a-um- safe distance. :p

Miura is officially now on Yankumi's side. I wonder what's worse for him. Dealing with potential rivals when it comes to Shin or having to be a guidance counsellor for them? :D

Thank you for the double release, BP AND NULL! I admire your dedication.

dementedchris said...

...and Demon Chiaki is, well, more into DV. :p

LOL. I'm usually more coherent thanthat, but... LOL. XP

d1r31 said...

Thanks for the double release!

Kai said...

Ohhh two chapters at once! You're generous <3
I still don't like Miura either. But then I don't like Kawata either >>; I had a bad experience with a not-straight guy.. and.. *cough cough* g-gross... *coughs some more*

professional dreamer nagi said...


you know, it might have been the other way around :D hehehe maybe ninomiya-sensei read this part of gokusen and was thus inspired to create masumi-chan for chiaki-sama :D gokusen did start first, methinks XD

Alena said...


so happy =3

thanks so much <33 Gokusen

Anonymous said...

hello, thx for the scans!!!
I have one question though, sorry if you already answered it but, will you scanlate the special chapters that were released after the end of the manga?

thx for everything

Anonymous said...


Lexy said...

Hi everybody !!

Thank so much, I really enjoy read Gokusen ^^

But I can't find volumes 12, 13 and 15... I wonder why, because there is volume 14 translated...

So, anyone knows about it ?

Anonymous said...

You guys rock my world. THANK YOU!