Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Exchange Student in Shirokin

It's really great reading up your responses to my question. I have to admit that, like most of you, Wakamatsu is a bit of an unknown and little noticed character to me too. Pretty nice of Morimoto-sensei to give Wakamatsu a spotlight chapter.

But moving on, we are now going into a lengthy but very interesting story arc. The chapter starts off like it'll be another extra story focusing on the poor lost exchange student, but goes into the beginning of the story arc. I'll now shut up and let you read it for yourself. :D

So enjoy this week's release courtesy of our newfound translator micchan. Please thank her for being a great sport in translating some chapters for us.


Seems like we overlooked a teeny, tiny error in our most recent release (thanks for pointing it out, nate!). To make amends, here are the new links to Volume 10 Chapter 7:

Via Megaupload
Via Mediafire

Or you can save yourself the trouble and download only the renegade page by clicking this link. ^^;


Tsukyfruits said...

Thanks you ^^ Your work is great ! I'm a Gokusen's fan now ^^

helen said...

haha I almost died laughing xD shin has no idea how lucky he was to walk away xDD
this chapter is such a nice surprise! thanks so much!!! now I feel refreshed enough to go back on studying ^^

d1r31 said...

But Helen, even if Shin walked away, you just know that he will be dragged back into the mess later!

The funny thing about Richard's situation is that it really does happen -- the first words people try to teach you are the dirty words! Ah, the tricks people play on the unsuspecting!

Thanks to the translator! Thanks for the chapter! I was so happy to see it here today!!!

helen said...

Yeah..Shin must really love Yankumi that he's willing to be dragged into every single mess she creates ^.^ But at that very moment when Yankumi said why Shirokin shouldn't be considered as hell for Shin (trying not to spoil xD), I bet if he had heard that, he would have been a bit depressed about Yankumi's density xD

To everyone:
Hey, have you ever had this kind of Richard's experience? ^^
I remember once maybe 2 years ago when I started going to japanese classes (I still have much to learn, I don't even know english that well) someone told me that 'yuki' means 'mouse'. Then one day teacher asked what 'maeru yuki' means (burning snow) and I loudly and proudly said that it means 'a burning rat'.. Of course soon after that I realised that this was nonsense, but it was already too late xD

dementedchris said...

LOL! I never had that experience with Japanese but the only words I know in Chinese are all swear phrases. Once, I proudly repeated what I knew and my Chinese friends were immediately shocked: apparently I just said 'd*ck-faced' or something like that. XP Now I know better!

d1r31 said...

Oh yeah - evil friends tried to trick me into using rather disrespectful Spanish words, but I knew more Spanish than they realized, so I avoided their little joke.

Yankumi really is dense, but that's because she is only thinking of Shin as her cute little student/ kid. (And still only has eyes for her gorgeous lawyer). She really is such a fine upstanding teacher. Well, except when beating the crap out of someone.

lintakwah said...

Another early release - you guys rock! Off to read...

Nate said...

So, very minor issue. Hardly worth mentioning...

Is called Aotama HS in all except the very last bubble, where its refered to as Aoyama. Just thought I'd point this out. Like I said, hardly worth bothering about.

Appreciate the great releases, and definitely looking forward to the next couple chapters.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You guys really rock!
Feeding my obsession =P

lii said...

*lalala* new Gokusen chapter after hectic day *joy tears*. Thank you for release and thank you to new translator as well *bows*.

When I was still in high school we had international project week and so students from other countries came to our school. My friend was in charge of one of those students and then she started to learn him some rude words, well they weren't exactly rude tho considered as silly if said in wrong situation. He understood that it's better not to use them because we started to laugh in the end so I guess he was saved *lol*.

Anonymous said...

Hey, would you guys mind if I archived your releases over at Whip of Love?

I just want to offer all of the manga in one place, which is especially useful to newcomers. Please let me know!

Anonymous said...

woot! Another chapter of Gokusen! Thanks Micchan and the rest of the crew.

tepiestar said...

haha. renegade page. thanks for teh file. are you guys rocking some new layout? (or old layout?)

Rekka said...

The first time around, I misread it as Australia too. I pity any foreigners subjected to Shirokin; their futures are bleak indeed. (People like me have a hard enough time learning Japanese as it is.)

It seems that the power of Yankumi's density is increasing, and it is now corporeal enough to make people's hats fly off. Poor Shin. He'd better put an end to it before Tokyo is destroyed.

The thing that makes me laugh most in this chapter is Umberto's face. I don't know why. Another great release, guys, can't wait until next week!

Anonymous said...

A great way to start off yet another work week! Thanks again my friends at BP!

R said...

Thank you so much, micchan!!!!

This is indeed the perfect way to start the week ^_^

kaoko said...

I'd love to say yes, but the final decision's still with our project leader, myrya. I'm sure she'll say yes, but give her a day or two to reply as she and nagi are touring Japan right now (boooo! <--- envious envious) and don't always have a wifi connection ready.

Nah, just troubleshooting stuff, we're having problems with the update and I'm all thumbs with blogger, being a wordpress girl myself :P

kaoko said...

Please email us at bipuro [at] gmail [dot] com or post your email addy here so we can discuss this further.


myrya said...

re: yankumi's density... you really have to give shin's friends credit for not spilling the beans so far. or maybe they've realized it's wasted effort trying to get thru to yankumi. :D

re: exchange student thing... yeah that pretty much is a given. you learn words you aren't supposed to. it was also funny because we were deciding whether to put in the japanese word and do a T/N of those 'nice' words but we opted not too because we didn't want to pull an "Umberto" on you guys and lead you astray. :D

no problem about the releases but we'd appreciate it if you were to get in touch with us at it'll be more personal and friendlier that way. :D

@nate and tepiestar
appreciate your comments and suggestions. keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

haha. I saw the poll and voted for shin XD only one vote for shinohara. I wonder who that was ^__^;;

dementedchris said...

That was me! ^_^ And I'm not ashamed to admit it! Hahaha!

atashisama said...

this chapter is soooo hilarious! XD
hontouni arigatou gozaimashita!!

d1r31 said...

AAARgh! it won't let me vote for both of them! It took me at least 5 minutes of switching back and forth before I finally submitted my vote in the poll. So agonizing.

Anonymous said...

thank you.