Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2009 Everyone! I hope your year is off to a great start!

Thank you for the wonderful response to our release spree! Sorry I wasn't able to reply to the comments but I'll get around to it eventually. I was enjoying my holidays when my internet connection decided to go on holidays as well. Blech.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that we'll be re-releasing the first eight chapters of Volume 14. We went over the translations and we had to correct some things so I highly encourage you guys to download version 2 once we release them. Scans will be of higher quality too. :D

As for BiPuro's 2009 scanlation pipeline... Well, definitely more Usami Maki one-shots [Do I hear 'Kanon'?] and some of Yoshihara Yuki's as well. Then we'll just take it from there.

Again, Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year of great scanlations!


Hannah said...

Thanks to all of you guys behind Bishounen! I hope to see more great chapters before the end of Gokusen.... as sad as that may be. I'll really miss downloading your scans!

Happy New Year to all, and have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all and more power to Bi-Puro!

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you guys! I'd been meaning to ask about your future projects too. Another josei would be nice. :D

raenef said...

Happy Belated New Year everyone. I certainly am looking forward for more Usami Maki (would like to see the closure for Kanon). I appreciate your (BiPuro and Null) hard work on Gokusen.

DJ Mixerr said...

What about the other 2 chapters about Eliza Girls Musical School Festival, The Xorcist/Exorcist theme around Uchi's new girl-friend, Shiori??
And also what about Volume 15??

We came a long way. Even with all 4 of those delays. I thought I would have to wait until 19, but I was wrong.
You girls & guys have come a really long way!!!!

DJ Mixerr said...

I'm just asking and trying to prove my point.

myrya said...


I know what you mean! I don't think I'll ever tire of ShinKumi. So sad that the series will really end once we finish the translations. Oh well. I'm hoping Morimoto-sensei's new series will be just as great.


We are going to do some Yoshihara so that is josei/smutty fun for us all. We are of course open for suggestions. And if we like it enough, we'll consider scanlating it. :D

I would also love to see the closure of Kanon so that one is DEFINITELY in the pipeline. :D

@DJ Mixerr
Yes we have come a long way. It's been a year now that we've been doing this and it's been interesting. Look forward to the completion of Gokusen.